Stokes Imaging Inc

Preservation Book Cradle

Preservation Book Cradle

Stokes Imaging Inc offers an attachment for digitizing ancient manuscripts. The Preservation Book Cradle 1) eliminates stress to fragile binding structures during the digitization process and 2) supports each page during the image capturing which maintains a constant focal plane image to image and avoids keystone effect. The cradle supports a codex in an adjustable “V” open 85º to 120º. Driven by computer-controlled stepping motors, the cradle rotates according to the natural movement of the manuscript’s spine as its pages are turned and its weight shifts. This rotation virtually eliminates stress on centuries-old bindings. The software that rotates the cradle can be set for manual control by the operator or for automated movement which rotates the cradle a tiny increment after each page is digitized. Even under automated movement, the operator is always free to make manual adjustments to insure that the manuscript rests comfortably in the cradle at all times. The cradle is designed to be mounted on the Multi-Angle Copy Stand with the adjustable camera offset.


The Preservation Book Cradle is manufactured and sold under a patent license agreement with Alan Buchanan Designs, Ltd.



-Manuscript sizes up to 12"w x 17"h

-Spine widths up to 10"

-Spine support opens 85º to 120º

-Automated or manual control of rotation