Stokes Imaging Inc

1114 Platen

1114 Platen

Stokes Imaging Inc offers a platen for scanning of transmissive materials up to 11" x 14". The 1114 Platen consists of a 12" x 15" inch glass plate seated in an aluminum frame which is mounted to a modified 3034 Table. The aluminum frame allows for easy leveling of the platen. This platen can be used with a glass lift to keep the film flat and in place during capture. A mask, .003 inches thicker than the film, surrounds the film to mask unwanted light and prevents the top glass plate from pressing against the film. The glass lift is similar in operation to the 1822 Glass Lift, but it is designed specifically for use with the 1114 Platen. As with the 1822 Glass Lift, this glass lift can be easily removed from the 1114 Platen when it is not required.



-Up to 11" x 14"

-Adjustable mounts for leveling platen

-Adjustable lift and lower rates

-Computer controlled pneumatic glass lift

-Foot pedal for manual control of pneumatic glass lift