Stokes Imaging Inc

1822 Glass Lift

1822 Glass Lift

It has been the practice of Stokes Imaging Inc to place glass over the flat original during capture. This attachment provides a pneumatic lift mechanism for the glass. This will increase productivity and reduce the likelihood of damage to the original. It is typically mounted on the 3034 Table and is large enough to accommodate reflective images up to 18" x 22" inches. A ½ inch black Zotefoam pad provides a cushion for the original. Image sizes larger than 18" x 22" can still be captured by simply removing the 1822 Glass Lift from the 3034 Table.


The glass is raised via a pneumatic cylinder. It is lowered via gravity leaving only the weight of the glass and lift on the original. The rates of lift and lower are fully and independently adjustable. The opening and closing of the 1822 Glass Lift is controlled both manually via a foot pedal or automatically via the capture software. Assuming one starts in the open position, the operator places the original on the Zotefoam and presses a foot pedal to lower the glass. Fine focus is applied (when appropriate), the exposure is adjusted, the image is captured, and the cover is opened (all automatically via the IWS capture software). The operator removes the original that has been captured, places another on the Zotefoam, and presses the foot pedal. The process is repeated.


-Up to 18" x 22"

-Adjustable lift and lower rates

-Computer controlled pneumatic glass lift

-Foot pedal for manual control of pneumatic glass lift