Stokes Imaging Inc: High resolution digital archiving equipment.

About Stokes Imaging Inc

Our History and Purpose

John R. Stokes founded Stokes Imaging in early 2001 with the goal to develop and produce a state of the art digital imaging system, making this system available to libraries, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions, while providing the consultation necessary for these establishments to build successful imaging programs. Stokes Imaging became incorporated in December 2007, an effort that has culminated in the production of the Stokes Imaging System, a digital imaging system which focuses priority on maintaining the integrity of the original materials and the production of high quality images and unparalleled productivity rates.


The Stokes Imaging System is the pinnacle of John R.’s 40 years of experience in the film science industry and 20 years in the digital service arena; John T. Stokes’ 40 years in software development and 12 years in digital imaging; and James Stokes’ multi-faceted education in physics, mathematics, electronics and software. John R. Stokes passed away in July of 2009 leaving behind a legacy of dedication and quality in digital archiving to his son and grandson, John T. and James Stokes.

Our Products

The Stokes Imaging System is the most complete digital archiving system available for creating archival and access quality images of photographs, manuscripts, roll film and glass plate negatives. It consists of a high resolution digital camera, a copy stand, appropriate attachment(s), a full spectrum lighting system and the database driven Imaging Workflow Solution software. The system has evolved from equipment that was custom-designed to duplicate millions of slides, to a system that is the only versatile (archiving slides, film, books, etc.) high-end capture system on the market.


When evaluated on a cost per image digitized, the Stokes Imaging System is the most efficient system available. It is intended to operate in a structured production environment producing the highest quality archival images while protecting the original.


Our Founder

John R. Stokes

May 4, 1930 - July 25, 2009


Our Staff

John T. Stokes


-Software Development


James Stokes


-Hardware Development